Eco-Ag Conference

We’ve put together a fabulous program with amazing speakers for the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show and we can’t wait for you to join us! Our conference has two parts: All-day advanced learning seminars Eco-Ag U and the Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show.

Eco-Ag U gives attendees an in-depth looks at specific farming tactics in an all-day workshop setting.

The Eco-Ag Conference features over 30 shorter sessions and keynotes to choose from on topics such as soil health, animal agriculture, human health plant nutrition and more. The conference also offers social mixers, panels and access to our amazing trade show.

Schedule subject to change.




Eco-Ag speakers are leaders and practitioners in the world of eco-farming and sustainable agriculture. Click on their photo for their information.


Each year we we screen two new movies at the conference that highlight the issues, challenges, and successes of ecological farming.

We are gathering and reviewing films to present.
Have a favorite to suggest? Use the form below.

Consulting Halls & Round Tables

Consulting Halls and Round Tables are great places to ask questions of the experts and network with other attendees who are interested in learning more in a more personal environment.



Sponsorships provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to showcase their brand and support the Eco-Ag community. Sponsorships help bring Acres U.S.A.’s valuable content to a passionate audience. If you would like to become a sponsor of Eco-Ag 2019 email or call 800-355-5313.

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors:

Midwest Bio-Systems has developed the most efficient process and equipment for composting organic waste into a material that can have a positive impact on soil fertility. Our composting equipment is designed and built by composting professionals looking toward the future. Booth #49
28933 35 E St. | Tampico, IL 61283 | 815.438.7200 |

TPS Lab has helped growers around the world reduce input costs and increase yields. By using time-proven testing solutions, we can show you how to rebuild your soil, maximize your inputs and achieve the yields you’ve been aiming for. Booth #13
4915 W. Monte Cristo Rd. | Edinburg, TX 78541 | 956.383.0739 |

Organic Gem – Totally enzymatic digestion, FDA inspected facility, stabilized with food-grade phosphoric acid. No clogging, multiple screenings to 150 microns, quality control is unsurpassed, most bio-active premium fish fertilizer available. Use with confidence on all crops. Booth #601
P.O. Box 25955 | Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | 877.323.3003 |

Nature Safe Fertilizers are made from all-natural ingredients that are derived from USDA approved sources that contain no waste by-products. These ingredients increase soil microbes that aid in plant rooting, stress tolerance, and disease management. Booth #67
251 O’Connor Ridge, Ste. 300 | Irving, TX 75038 | 800.743.7413 |

Pacific Gro produces a liquid organic fertilizer from salmon, shrimp and crab in Washington state. This Seafood for the Soil provides plant available calcium and many marine nutrients, as well as fish oil. It’s an excellent food for soil biology and helps establish a beneficial fungal balance. Pacific Gro is also used as a foliar fertilizer and is often used in tank mixes throughout the season. Screened to 150 mesh for all fertigation, drip and foliar applications.
PO Box 3306 | Bellevue WA 98009 | 503.867.4849 |

The Andersons offer a robust organic portfolio including nutrients, grain marketing and transition consulting. Whether your operation is organic certified, in transition, or if you are considering transitioning, we can create a program that fits your needs.
1947 Briarfield Blvd. | Maumee, OH 43537 | 419.893.5050 |

The leading source for crop programs and tools for large scale regenerative agriculture that is profitable and effective. We offer products, diagnostic tools, and consulting to growers committed to improving their soil. Booth #117
4551 Parks West Road | Middlefield, OH 44062 | 800.495.6603 |

Agri-Dynamics has been a leader in the sustainable agriculture arena for over forty years. Our current product line includes livestock remedies, free-choice minerals for grazing livestock and liquid nutritional products for all crops. Booth #48
6574 S Delaware Dr | Martins Creek, PA 18063 | 610.250.9280 |

Our goal is to provide you with the education, products and services to help you achieve the healthiest soils and crops possible. Our integrative approach to preventative agriculture gives you control of your operation. Booth #47
PO Box 119 | 4200 W 8th St | Yankton, SD 57078 | 605.260.0784 |

Bay Shore Sales offers many options that are aimed for transitional and organic farming. We have Hatzenbichler tillage equipment, organic, untreated non-GMO crop inputs, along with contracting of production with Everbest Organics. As organic farmers and processors of the dry bean and food grade soybeans, we can relate and help the farmer grow. Booth #26
4890 Bay Park Rd | ​Unionville, MI 48767 | 989.674.8429 |

Logan Labs is located in Lakeview, Ohio, and provides soil analysis, irrigation water analysis, and plant tissue analysis. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround time and analytical accuracy.
620 N Main St. | Lakeview, OH 43331 | 937.842.6100 |

Midwestern BioAg helps organic and conventional growers improve the quality and quantity of food and forage. With carbon-based fertilizers and soil treatments, we engage soil microbes to build soil health and optimize plant quality and resilience.
918 Deming Way | ​Madison, WI 53717 | 800.327.6012 |

F.W. Cobs purchases Certified Organic Grains for delivery or FOB Farm. Midwest elevator locations include Stewart, MN, Saint Ansgar, IA, and Council Bluffs, IA.
720 Hall Street | Stewart, MN., 55385 | 888.531.4888 |

Leading supplier of sustainable solutions for over 30 years. 80+ OMRI listed products including biopesticides, adjuvants and nutrition. For information visit or download the BRANDT Product Finder App today. Booth #64
2935 South Koke Mill Rd | Springfield, Illinois 62711 | 217.547.5800 |

We offer certified organic and non-GMO varieties of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghums (BMR), red clover, and sunflowers. Our in-house research and development ensures varieties that thrive in organic systems – helping organic farmers stay true to their principles without sacrificing performance! Booth #90
2326 230th St | Ames, IA 50014 | 800.370.7979 |

Everbest Organics receives and processes 11 different Organic Dry Bean and Soybean varieties in excess of 17,000 tons annually from growers in more than 15 continental states. Booth #15
136 E. Munger Rd | Munger, MI 48747 | 989.659.2599 |

For over 30 years, Tainio Biologicals, Inc. has been a pioneer in sustainable, biological agriculture. With solutions for farmers, gardeners, and product formulators alike, Tainio’s agricultural inoculants help restore balance to microbial populations in the soil for high-yield, nutritionally-balanced crops. Booth #29
PO Box 19185 | Spokane, WA 99219 | 509.747.5471 |

Vail Dixon is a regenerative famer, holistic grazing and soil rejuvenation specialist. Our Grazing Power and Grow Your Soil workshops, online trainings, and mentorship programs allow you to learn and implement on your own farm, with the support of an experience mentor, and community of like-minded practitioners. Booth #29
2370 Buffalo Station Dr | Gladstone, VA 24533 | 434.547.3198 |

Back Forty Creative is a visual communications agency dedicated to providing responsible and strategic branding, print design, packaging design, website design and development, and social media services for sustainable brands and businesses.
1099 Milwaukee St., Suite 120 | St. Louis, MO 63122 | 314.394.0925 |

The NOFA winter conference digs deep into the knowledge and experience of the amazing community of NOFA farmers, gardeners, foodies and health practitioners with three all-day intensives, 60+ workshops and 70 experienced and knowledgeable exhibitors. This year’s Winter Conference unifies our community with connection and camaraderie, carrying on the tradition of sharing experience, enthusiasm and passion for good food, good soil and good health.
411 Sheldon Road | Barre, MA 01005 | 978.355.2853 |

Full-Service Marketing Support Available

If you need creative support with trade show graphics, handouts or displays, we have a world-class design team that can build you custom solutions to use at our trade show, and others in the future. Contact Account Manager Cameron Ehrlich at, or call 1-970-392-4433, to learn more about how we can help your business stand out.