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Dig deeper into the core technologies of eco-agriculture and gain the tools necessary to take your operation to the next level!
Eco-Ag U workshops are all-day advanced learning classes for the dedicated eco-farmer. Your Eco-Ag U registration will also give you access to all the conference session and activities, and the trade show, where you can learn more from experts in sustainable agriculture.

You can choose to attend a session on Monday OR on Tuesday or attend a session each day and get a multi-day discount.


The Principles and Science of Developing Regenerative Agriculture Ecosystems workshop with John Kempf is SOLD OUT.

Check out the rest of our great Eco-Ag U workshops and speakers below, and see John Kempf present at our Conference & Tradeshow on Wednesday!

Monday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Mineral Nutrition & Plant DiseaseDr. Don Huber
World-famous speaker, author and soil scientist Dr. Don Huber will address critical soil management techniques involving mineral nutrition, and how balancing the right minerals in your soil will help decrease disease pressure, among other many benefits. Go deep with Dr. Huber as he explores both primary minerals, and the secondary minerals that really drive crop health. This session will be perfect for anyone who is looking for specific soil health techniques, is trying to crack the case on common plant diseases, and/or is in need of an advanced education on soil minerals.

Water Management StrategiesMark Shepard
Knowing where the water goes once it falls on your farm is more than just a curiosity. It’s critical to ensuring you are making the most out of every drop Mother Nature gives you, not to mention other critical results like decreasing sloppy erosion and run-off challenges. Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture, will lead this session. It will help farmers, ranchers and all land owners who want to think differently about their management techniques, including farm planning, flood controls and overall sustainability.

Raising Animals OrganicallyDr. Paul Dettloff
Dr. Paul Dettloff just released his lifetime work, Dr. Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically, which captures lessons and expertise from his half-century of work treating animals. Dr. Dettloff will expand on his book with an all-day session that teaches systems for managing all ruminant animals holistically and without dangerous toxins or unnecessary antibiotics or medicine. His lessons are guaranteed to be a breath of fresh air for an industry challenged by too much overhead and animal mistreatment. How farmers treat animals is more important to consumers than ever before, so this session will give farmers and ranchers the tools to ensure they can compete in this new and exploding holistic livestock market.

Capturing the Hemp Opportunity on Your FarmDoug Fine | Noel Garcia | Cary Giguere | Roger Gussiaas
Led by Doug Fine, author of Hemp Bound, our panel of growers and agronomists will help you not only understand the hemp opportunity, but actual techniques for growing hemp, building a hemp business and scaling up appropriately. Now is the time to get ahead in this huge new opportunity for farmers, and this session will provide a rate combination of soil science and management techniques needed to drive your hemp business.

This Monday workshop will feature a panel of Hemp experts who will help you navigate the emerging hemp opportunity and bring it to life on your farm!

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Tuesday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Foundations for Soil HealthNeal Kinsey
Neal Kinsey returns to Eco-Ag U with an update to his timeless talks on foundations of soil health. Join Kinsey, an author, agronomy and soil expert, as he instructs you on what healthy soil is, how minerals like calcium and magnesium affect your plant health, and how tactics like careful biodiversity and soil testing will help you lower your overall soil management costs, and build a strong foundation for any type of crop.

Farm-Scale Non-Chemical Weed ControlAndrew Smith & Emmanuel Omondi, Rodale Institute
Learn how to let the soil work for you, from the experts from Rodale Institute, Andrew Smith & Emmanuel Omondo, as they explain tactics and strategies for non-chemical weed control on large acreages. As more and more farmers are looking for ways to decrease their usage of RoundUp and other costly herbicides, Smith and Omondi provide proven methods that answer the call. This session is a must for a farmer transitioning to organic, or just looking for ways to decrease their overall costs on their farm.

Leveraging Longevity: Taking Out the Garbage of Modern LifeDr. Nasha Winters
With survival rates dropping 3 years in a row in the United States while other parts of the world are increasing in longevity, it is time to stop sitting on the sidelines and jump into the game. Cancer is now the number one cause of death in affluent nations and the scourge of chronic illness be it cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia, is gaining momentum worldwide with no end in sight. And once again, we will highlight that what we put on, in and around us is either influencing health or disease. This will be a lively discussion to help you test, assess and address your own health and longevity while offering daily biohacks to optimize your life.


Two-Day Workshop, Dec. 9-10


The Principles and Science of Developing Regenerative Agriculture EcosystemsJohn Kempf
In this workshop, John will describe the principles and science of regenerative farming ecosystems that harness much more of the energy coming into the system, and produce Olympic Athlete level performance. When a truly regenerative eco-system is functioning well, the need of external inputs becomes less and less.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available for Eco-Ag U workshops.

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